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Unlock The Wealth Triangle


The Wealth Triangle is a concept and philosophy pioneered by Dan Lok.

It is the pillar on which all Dan Lok Companies programs are
built upon.

The Wealth Triangle acknowledges that everyone is at a different point in their wealth journey – and gives them the clarity they need to move forward.

Though success is never overnight, it can be achieved faster when we have clarity and apply the appropriate strategies.

There are three stages to the Wealth Triangle:



Sức Mạnh

In the Power stage, the individual has not yet acquired their High-Income Skill – a skill that does not depend on industry which can make you $10,000 a month.

After the individual has acquired a High-Income Skill, the next step is to scale their High-Income Skill.

In this stage, the main focus will be to effectively leverage other people’s time, money, and resources.

Lợi Nhuận


Khả Năng

When an individual has progressed through the Power and Profit stage, the next stage they enter is the Possibility stage.

In this stage, the main focus is to invest in High Return Investments

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Lời khuyên cho Sức Mạnh

High-Ticket Closing™ is the art and skill of closing high-ticket offers.

It does not depend on industry – the High-Ticket Closers™ trained from this program have closed high-ticket offers across dozens of industries.

This is not a sales program. The psychology of conventional sales and High-Ticket Closing™ are worlds apart. The latter requires a higher level of finesse and intellect.

To learn more, watch the preview webinar below or book a call with a past student to ask them about their experience.

Chương Trình COACHING 1 - 1

Lời khuyên cho Sức Mạnh

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This program is for those who want to develop one of the most highly-coveted skills of the 21st century – copywriting.

From writing persuasively to understanding the deep motivations of why people buy, HIC will give you everything you need.

Apply below to see if you are the right fit for the program.

Facebook Marketing Program

Lời khuyên cho Sức Mạnh

This program is for serious influencers, entrepreneurs, and experts earning over $300,000 in revenue and want to take their business to the next level.

For influencers and entrepreneurs want to:
• Scale their business to 7-figures and beyond using social media…
• Generate predictable and sustainable ROI every month…
• And build a 7-figure business that runs with or without them…

High-Ticket Influencer is the answer.



Đào Tạo Trên Youtube Channel

              Lời khuyên cho Sức Mạnh

YouTube is the platform that powered my rise from a local businessman to becoming an international mentor to millions.
Studies have predicted by 2020, 82% of all internet traffic will be video. YouTube is the platform where most videos are consumed.

Those who understand YouTube and how to leverage its power
will have a long-lasting advantage moving into the future.

The Tube Your Own Horn™ program will reveal how I succeeded on YouTube.